Talk To Tom Arklow Store And Centre Opens Its Doors

It has been a longer than expected journey for the team behind Talk To Tom Arklow but their new store and centre finally opened its doors.

The team behind the project announced the launch of a new charity shop along with services above the premises.

“After a long and arduous journey that navigated Covid and the many unexpected hiccups that can arise when renovating a historic building – we are delighted to be opening the doors of our new Arklow Store and Centre today.”

“Credit must go to our CEO Ray and all volunteers who put countless unpaid hours of hard work and labour into the renovation.”

Local Councillor Peir Leonard said –

“Congratulations to Talk To Tom on the opening of their new Arklow Shop and services.”

It was a long road that navigated through covid and a lot of issues with the renovation of this historical structure but I can’t commend enough the brilliant work and resilience of Ray Cullen & Donnie and also the wider team of Talk to Tom volunteers who got the building to were it is today.”

“I am forever grateful for Ray and all the hard work that has got them to this place . Thank you also to Donal Power & the Power family for their compassion and commitment to helping getting this essential life saving service to Arklow. Well done everyone.”

Talk To Tom is a community based suicide prevention, mental health awareness and bereavement support group.

They can be contacted on 0818 303061 or visit

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