Róisín Murphy Debuts ‘Fader’ Video Shot In Arklow

Róisín Murphy has debuted her new single ‘Fader’ which was shot entirely on the streets of Arklow. The singer returned to the town where she was born on May 27th which attracted hundreds of Arklow residents to participate in the video.

Groups such as marionette makers, Irish Dancers, musicians, performers, actors, the Girl Guides, Scouts, and other locals and parade members all got a chance to star alongside Murphy for a fun-filled day of filming.

Speaking on the release of the video, which was also premiered at The Harbour Bar, Roisin told her followers –

“My new single Fader and the official music video is out now! I went home, to Arklow, to direct the video. I still have to pinch myself IT WAS LIKE A DREAM! The sun shone like Hollywood and the people of Arklow shone even brighter”

“My sincerest thanks to all the groups and talented people, young and old who took part in this very special day. You make me so proud to be from Arklow”

You can watch the full video below to see if you can spot any familiar faces!

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