People before Profit to host Night of Solidarity

A pro-Palestine protest event takes place this Thursday, 21st March at The Asguard Theatre above The Harbour Bar in Arklow.

Arklow against Zionism and People Before Profit are joint hosts of the ‘Night of Solidarity’ event in support of the Palestine resistance.

Jimi Cullen
Jimi Cullen during his protest outside the Israeli Embassy in Dublin

An invitation was sent out on the Arklow Against Zionism Facebook page. Trad musicians as well as local artists Jimi Cullen and Saoirse Casey will be performing at the event with an open mic for anyone to speak.

This is following protests and events all around Ireland in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The event will take place on the 21st of March at 8pm. A pamphlet will be launched on the day by  People before Profit organisation detailing and analysing the Zionist genocide of Palestinians.

Night of Solidarity People before Profit

People before Profit representative, Aisling Hudson stated.

“I hope it can be a regular event until Palestine is a secular state, where people of all faiths and none, can live together in peace and until apartheid no longer scourges people there.”

“In the short term, I want Arklow people to see why there is a genocide happening, how it affects us all, and why our government is not taking the correct stance on this issue… in the face of blatant live-streamed genocide.”

Pause for Peace Event Jan 28 Arklow

Hudson added, “I hope some people will connect the dots between our migration chaos and imperial wars, ecocide, and genocides by proxy. I hope people who currently think ‘Ireland is full’ will realise the common enemy. The greed for land, property, and resources under a neo liberal economic regime.”

Aisling Hudson has previously worked with Saoirse Don Phalaistine and ISPC.
Aisling Hudson, artist Quentin and activist Sami can be credited for their involvement in the ‘Free Palestine’ mural on the Coral Leisure Centre building in Arklow.

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