GoFundMe Launched For Man Left Paralysed

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched by the family of an Arklow man left paralysed. Dorota Marah’s 42-year-old brother Jaroslaw Kula was admitted to hospital only to wake up paralysed from the neck down. Dorota explained what happened before and after he was admitted:

“He had a bit of shoulder and back pain over the weekend. When he woke up Monday morning he said he could barely walk. It looked like his knees were giving in and making affecting his ability to walk.”

“After I called the ambulance, he was brought to the hospital. Following a few tests, he was informed he had a spinal cord abscess and needed surgery straight away. Spinal cord abscess is a very rare condition.”

“The first surgery due to his severe condition has left him paralysed. He was due to have the second surgery on his neck which involved metal bars being inserted to stabilise the neck following the first surgery when some bones were removed.”

“Between those two surgeries, he was still fighting an infection of which the source was impossible to find. It only took a few days for the infection to leave my brother unable to breathe independently. On top of all this, he was incubated, and a tracheotomy was performed shortly after.”


Jaroslaw who has been living and working in Arklow for over 4 years, is now facing the prospect of learning how to breathe and speak again. Dorota explained that all of their family live abroad but that she and her husband are willing to do everything they can to help him.

“We drive 200km each day to see him, support him, and ensure that he keeps fighting. We make sure his mental approach stays strong and positive. My husband and I are more than happy to take care of my brother. I just can’t imagine sending him to an institution.”


“Unfortunately with him being in the hospital, the significant financial impact of his situation is already clear. Any little savings of our own disappear very quickly. The cost of day-to-day expenses adds up fast. Petrol, parking fees, motorway fees, and of course plenty of chocolates for the excellent nursing staff.”

Dorota and her husband are asking for any donation, no matter how small to help Jaroslaw. The money would be used for a physiotherapy wheelchair and a reclinable chair along with plans to convert their downstairs living room into a bedroom and toilet into a shower room. This will ensure that when he is ready to be discharged and move in with the couple, the house will be ready and accessible for him.

She went on to outline the two possible scenarios. The first is that Jaroslaw will regain some power in his arms and will be able to move in the wheelchair. The Second is less positive, which will be that Jaroslaw is bed-bound.

Jaroslaw is popular among many locals, particularly through his job at the Pro Hand Car Wash in Arklow. She also spoke about her brother’s hard-working nature and personality.

“He is a strong young man who can achieve anything. He wears his heart on a sleeve and never refuses to help others. He would make you laugh so hard that you wouldn’t be able to catch your breath. My brother has already gone through so much in such a short period of time. This only makes my belief stronger that he has what it takes to win this battle.”

If you would like to make a donation to help Jaroslaw then you can visit the GoFundMe page here.

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