Arklow Maritime Museum Receive Funding Boost

There was some good news this week as the Arklow Maritime Museum were awarded a funding boost. A total of €42,000 was allocated by the Heritage Council for five projects in Wicklow with the museum being one of the lucky recipients.

The funds will be used to create an online digital archive for thousands of photos in their growing collection.

Following the announcement a spokesperson for the Maritime Museum said:

“We have thousands of photographs in our collections and some time ago we created an archive which makes it easy to store and retrieve them quickly. That system has been satisfactory up to now, but as our collections grow, so too does the need to install up-to-date professional-standard digital archives. We intend to have our images searchable by date, place and people. In time, it may be possible to have this searchable database on-line, but that is for another day. For now, let’s get the new system up-and-running.”

“In keeping with our plans for the extension, our photo archive will not be solely maritime, but will be inclusive of all aspects of life in Arklow.”

“We also need to use proper acid-free facilities to preserve the physical photographs. We are particularly anxious to have that system in operation by the time our extension has been completed by the autumn.”

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