Filmmaker Wants Arklow On Silver Screen

Arklow based filmmaker Dave Thomas is aiming to put Arklow on the silver screen in front of a worldwide audience. Having previously won awards for his films, Dave is raising funds to produce his short film titled ‘Seven Moments In Time’. His previous short film ‘1 BILLION’ and ‘ARETHA’ both secured global distribution.


Dave has set a goal of €20,000 in order to achieve his ambition and complete the project. Speaking about the background of the film Dave said:

“I will make a beautiful, heartwarming short film with a high production value that will create employment for people within the film industry, mainly from County Wicklow. The film will be submitted to Oscar-qualifying film festivals where it can be screened to large audiences while in the running to get selected for an Oscar Nomination. That’s our goal.”

“The film will showcase the beauty of Arklow and County Wicklow to a global audience while also demonstrating our talent in the county.”

Filmmaker Dave Thomas
Filmmaker Dave Thomas

Seven Moments In Time

On the film idea itself, Dave explained the concept:

“Seven Moments in Time is about bridging the gap between generations, something we don’t do very well as a society. Young people and the elderly remain in separate worlds with no bridge between them.”

“In the film, an older man sits on a public park bench once a week to eat his sandwiches and drink tea from his flask. This becomes an issue when a teenager sits on the older man’s bench. Two generations often perceived as worlds apart is characterised by the two people sitting on separate benches. The physical and cultural divide gives the impression that these two people will never get on, will never understand each other, and will never find a connection.”

“Each moment in time reveals the differences between the two generations. And then, a moment in time changes everything.”

Irish actor Pat Nolan has been chosen to take on the lead role in the film.

Pat Nolan
Pat Nolan will take on the lead role


In relation to donations Dave has outlined that no amount is too small. Anything as little as €10 is welcomed and appreciated. Local business are also being asked to support in any way they can. The filmmaker believes that every artist should be paid for their talent, art and time. Many of the cast and extras will come from the Arklow area itself. If you would like to support the project in any way you can check out the GoFundMe page here.

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