Arklow Town’s 4 match winning streak brought to a halt by Kilnamanagh

Arklow Town FC: 1
Kilnamanagh AFC: 2

The pressure was on for Kilnamanagh after a 3-4 loss at home to Arklow just last week. The opposition however returned to the pitch on Friday evening with their heads held high before defeating The Town and bringing to an end their four-game winning streak.

Arklow Town kicked the game off dominating the majority of the first half as
chances were created early in the game by The Town’s Cormac Breslin showing off with an inspired flick to beat his man.

Arklow Town FC, LSL Senior team.
Arklow Town FC, LSL Senior team. Photo courtesy of Kilnamanagh FC

The opening goal was taken for Arklow as a stunning cross from right-back Owen Moore found the head of Paul Moore and bet the keeper. Tumelo Tlou was superb at right-back for Kilnamanagh, taking no prisoners despite sustaining an injury early in the game. The former Athlone Town defender continued to hamper Paul Moore’s efforts down the flank.

An error from Arklow saw Darragh Deegan 1-on-1 with the keeper hoping to level the scoreline for Kilnamanagh however keeper William Horsman put the pressure on as Darragh Deegan’s shot was off-the-mark.

Kilnamanagh took control of the match with great wing-play resulting in an
overload of players in the box however Arklow’s Jack Somers was solid in defence with a tough tackle to end the attack. Arklow however were not able to hold off Kilnamanagh for much longer with an excellent link-up play from their attackers Darragh Deegan and Ryan Masterson bringing about an equaliser.

William Horsman’s heroics kept Arklow Town in the match with a great tackle
coming all the way out to the touchline and later saving a Kilnamanagh header with his fingertips to put it over the bar. The Town’s Jack Somers received the first yellow card of the match after a mistimed tackle.
Arklow were solid in defence as Louis Malcolmson had Kilnamanagh’s Jack Healy in his pocket and Jack Somers was tough in the tackle after an inspired backheel from Ryan Masterson.

Kilnamanagh AFC Senior Team.
Kilnamanagh AFC Senior Team. Photo courtesy of Kilnamanagh AFC

Ryan Masterson was through on goal however after a heavy touch, Arklow Town’s Tomás Lynch picked up the pace to catch up with Masterson and end the attack.

After an attempted header Arklow Town’s Jack Somers was off the pitch and on the ground hurt. Arklow were down to ten men as Jack Somers recovered and put his boots back on however referee Padraig Marsh opted to continue play. The Town’s Sean Hurley was booked after arguing against the decision.

Arklow’s Paul Moore created another great chance after beating 3 of
Kilnamanagh’s defenders from the right however the shot was off-the-mark.
William Horsman’s flair pleased the crowd after beating his man with a feint as the press was on in his box and followed it up with quality distribution.
Tadgh Ward showed a great display of skill for Kilnamanagh with a no nonsense tackle to gain the ball before beating 2 men on the dribble down the left-flank.

An altercation occurred between Tumelo Tlou and Arklow Town’s Jack Murphy after Tlou fouled Murphy which resulted in a free kick to Arklow as the Kilnamanagh players argued. Tomás Lynch was heroic again as the last man back with a great tackle followed by a quality save from keeper William Horsman.

The match ended 1-2 with a win for Kilnamanagh AFC. A win for Arklow Town FC would’ve seen them sit just three points behind top of the table UCD AFC.

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