Amy Masner Smashes Female Distance Record

Arklow based ultra runner Amy Masner has beaten the Irish, British and European female record by clocking up an astonishing 246 miles over a period of 60 hours. Masner is no stranger to long endurance races and has represented Ireland at the 24 Hour World Championships.

Ultra Runner Amy, which by definition is running any distance further than the standard 26.2 mile marathon, was taking part in the Last One Standing endurance event at Florida Manor in Norther Ireland. The concept of the event is both simple and hard to grasp in equal measures.

Starting at 12 noon, each participant must complete a 4.186 mile loop within 1 hour and be ready to start again at 1pm. This continues every hour with runners who either retire or are timed out being eliminated. Competitors use whatever spare minutes they have before the next loop begins to take on fluids, food and even a quick nap. The overall winner as the name suggests is declared the ‘Last One Standing’.

The format was made famous by legendary American race director Gary Cantwell, more popularly known as ‘Lazarus Lake’. Cantwell’s ‘Big’s Backyard Ultra’ concept is now run in countries all over the world. The Northern Irish event is run by brothers Adrian and Sammy Daye of Atlas Running. This years eventual winner was Keith Russell who broke the UK and Irish Mens record by completing 63 laps.

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